You can drive this... The ultimate Gift Experience

John Bowe has teamed up with Rod Dawson to provide Fastrack V8 Race clients an opportunity to drive this new 100% hand-built race car. It’s powerful, light, fast and exhilarating to drive.

The videos below tell the inside story… limited places, going fast. Buy your experience now.

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John Bowe's Beast

The Covid shutdown can’t stop Touring Car Masters competitors and mates, John Bowe and Rod Dawson from taking things to the next level. They design and then Dawson builds a V8 chassis car capable of racing for 12 hours at Bathurst. Get ‘The Next Level’ inside story with the first of 3 short videos.

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Bowe & Dawson
Mustang 2020

How do you hand build from scratch, a 100% racing car with nothing but the best performance parts? There are Mustangs for the street which are really cool, but a super car Mustang is a completely different beast! Get inside ‘The Next Level’ build with part 2 the 3-part video story.

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Test Drive Bowe's Mustang

Never before has there been an opportunity in Australia to test drive a new 500 Hp Mustang chassis car. Fastrack V8 Race has sponsored Bowe’s two new Mustangs to reward a limited number of its VIP clients. If you qualify you could go to ‘The Next Level’. Video Part 3 has the inside story.

“When the things you enjoy the most are taken away, you can keep going by reaching out and creating things to look forward to. I can’t wait to get into this racing car and share a rare experience with you. You’ll never forget it.”


“I’ve always believed there was no limit to what you can build. I never stop thinking about how to make things work better, so the car goes faster and is more exciting to drive. This one has been the most satisfying. Now for the best part… getting back on track.”

Rod Dawson

Next Level

We’ve always strived to provide the most exhilarating and memorable performance driving and hot laps experiences. The founder of V8 Race Experience, Rod Dawson has built race cars for 40 years; HQ Holdens, Brute Utes, Saloon cars, Supercars, Super Utes, and Touring Car Masters race cars – this is his most ambitious project.

John Bowe has raced for 40 years and doesn’t know how to slow down. The only Australian to win national Championships in four racing categories, Supercar Hall of Fame Inductee and fan favourite.

Finish 2020 on a high by sharing this rare experience with someone you love.